Aggregate data and smartly use it for process automation and business intelligence

We ensure smooth running of IoT in your company via integrated operations platform

Data Cloud Tek can help build intelligent connected devices and software solutions that enable IoT and interoperate with the existing internet infrastructure for visual Analytics and dashboards and for business intelligence reporting. These connected or ‘Smart Devices’ are embedded with sensors or PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers).

Data Cloud Tek IoT solutions are designed to optimize infrastructure and enable streamlining of processes. The end result is an integrated system that will monitor, detect, connect, and control devices, leading to standardization of critical functions, better device & infrastructure management. These solutions create opportunities for collecting operational intelligence for further visualization, develop dashboards, for further analysis of deep learning, machine learning and Analytics for business intelligence reporting, which may result in significant cost reduction and optimization of processes in any industry.

Data Cloud Tek helps build intelligent connected devices and software solutions that enable the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services. These connected smart devices are embedded with sensors and actuators, which have a unique identity or IP address, and are able to interoperate with the existing Internet infrastructure.

Data Cloud Tek’ IoT devices are designed to optimize infrastructure and streamline processes. They enable organizations to build an integrated system to monitor, detect, connect, and control diverse devices and, as a result, standardize critical functions. These IoT solutions improve risk management and reduce costs.

Data Cloud Tek IoT services & solutions enable ecosystems to be smarter and control inanimate surroundings with the fingertips, anytime anywhere. The data that gets collected due to the transactions gets securely stored in the cloud and can be analyzed, as and when required, and the agility and responsiveness of the IoT services & solutions can be streamlined further.

Our IoT services

  • IoT Advisory
  • IoT Design & Implementation
  • Operational Intelligence Analysis Services
  • Visualization, Big Data & Analytics Services